Guide MyEtherWallet

Read this guide on how to Setup MEW

First go to this site:

Any ERC-20 token can be added to your local MEW interface by following these instructions.

  1. In a new tab, navigate to the “Send Ether & Tokens” page on MyEtherWallet.
  2. Unlock your wallet.
  3. Click “Add Custom Token” on the right side.
  4. Enter the address of the BitCoin ONE which is:  0x87f5e8c3425218837f3cb67db941af0c01323e56
  5. Type in the name: BitCoin ONE
  6. Type in the symbol: BTCONE
  7. Type the decimals: 18
  8. Click Save.

???? You can now send your new token and see it’s balance in the sidebar!

In the future, MEW may add this token as a “Default” token on MyEtherWallet.

In that case, you will see two of that token in the sidebar. While this won’t break anything, it can be annoying.

To remove a custom token, click the little ( – ) icon next to your token.

This will remove it from the interface. It is not deleting or removing the tokens themselves.

They are still safely in your wallet, we promise.

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